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The club meets on the second Monday of the month (in season) at 10AM. You will find us on the second floor of the clubhouse.

Our next meeting will be on July 16, 2018. We will be covering apps for your Phone and Tablet.

For Micekteers (or any Oakwood Manor resident) interested in gaining knowledge in use of a computer, there is still a secret about Sarasota that is still available to those who have not taken advantage of this secret.

Click here to uncover the “secret”


What Facilities Are Available In The  Micekteers Computer Room

Over the years, the Micekteers has expending some of their income on items to benefit the members of the group.  These items include hardware and software which will be available to members.  The job right now is to identify what we have, what it does, how can members acdess it and what benefits can members derive from use of the “tuff”we have.

A group is going to be selected to tackle the task of organizing items we posses and prepare instructions for use of same.

This will be started soon and will be reported periodically on this web page.