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The MiceKteers was formed January 23, 2001 with 40 members joining and paying their dues of $10 which has remained the same through today. By the end of the year we had a membership of over 100. While these members do not attend every meeting, they continue to support our group both financially and with good input and comments which has allowed our group to remain a vital entity in Oakwood Manor.

Our original meetings involved a laptop computer that was attached to a television and we would learn watching the demonstration. We then moved to the front of the main hall with 3 desktop computers which were loaded on carts and stored in the room to the left of the main stage. Each meeting we would bring out the carts and connect the computers on the long tables and learn something new in computer technology. We later purchased a projector and screen that would allow us to share the classes in large format which all could see.

We were offered the use of one of the apartments upstairs which had not been rented and was vacant. The manager was kind enough to remodel the space, taking down walls and removing carpet which allowed us to have a large space to place our computers and continue to share technology with our residents.

Over the past 15 years we have been blessed with support by our membership and the general Oakwood Manor community. We have had fund raisers with cookbooks, dances and flea markets that have been well received. We have donated funds to numerous projects, the most recent of which was the construction/installation of our new sound booth which includes a new computer courtesy of the MiceKteers. We also pay the fee to have the internet usable in our computer lab as well as the general clubhouse. At times e have had guest presenters and invited Oakwood Manor residents to participate.

We have always had a good group of members who were willing to share their knowledge and this is still present today. We have some very dedicated volunteers that continue to keep our group up to date with our equipment and technology.

Oakwood Manor Computer Club